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Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

Last year Kender and I harvested seeds from a sunflower he grew for the first time (read more about that here: Faith is like a Sunflower Seed). This year, we planted those seeds, grew more sunflowers, and have been harvesting more seeds. It's actually a pretty cool process! Kender really enjoys it, and I like… Continue reading Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

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The Story Behind the Painting: “One Good Drink”

I just finished another painting! It might seem like a strange scene without knowing the story behind it, so keep reading 😊 One Good Drink by Myron Lee My great-great grandfather was John D. Lee. He was excommunicated from the Church and executed for his role in the Mountain Meadows massacre of 1857. This story… Continue reading The Story Behind the Painting: “One Good Drink”