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Structure is good.

We are starting to settle into homeschooling and it’s going great! This year we are working on language arts (which combines reading, writing, literature, spelling, grammar & punctuation, & vocabulary), math, and science. I’d like to add geography and history too, but formal study in those subjects isn’t necessary for kindergarten and I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

It might sound like a lot, but it only takes about an hour and a half (2 hours max) a day for Kindergarten. It ends up being a lot shorter than a full day of public school, so we have a lot of freedom and flexibility in our day. I like that πŸ™‚

Kender will also be taking some classes at the Y to keep things interesting and get all his active boy energy out. We are hoping to get signed up for rock climbing and swimming tomorrow! I’m so excited for him!

These are his favorite words to write and it makes me so happy β™₯

Homeschooling takes a lot of discipline and organization. It forces us to have a routine, which has actually been really nice. Kender’s attitude varies from excited to “too tired to do anything” but I think this will be really great for both of us. I can teach him one on one and make sure he fully understands each concept. We can move fast or slow depending on his particular challenges. I’m Kender’s teacher now, but I’m learning a lot from him too. Patience, that structure is good, the benefits of being organized, the pure joy of grasping a new concept for the first time… He’s my teacher too.

I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve been able to accomplish in a day, especially being pregnant and tired all the time. I’m definitely no supermom (there are usually toys and laundry everywhere) but I think I’m doing well considering I pretty much hibernated while I was pregnant with Kender.

Learning about time & weather

I had another ultrasound this week (week 7 of my pregnancy). The doctor says everything looks good! It’s so cool to see the tiny human growing inside me!



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Game Farm 2017, Homeschool, & Baby #3

After a week of full day Kindergarten, we decided to homeschool again. We had a lot going on all at once and homeschool was a great way to help reduce some of the stress in our lives. It also gives us the freedom to do this in the middle of the day:


Last week we took the boys to the Game Farm for the first time and it was a blast! It’s fun to go as a couple, but it’s way more fun to do with kids. The boys were fascinated by all the animals, and they loved getting to feed them.

Rhett even had cute nicknames for some of the animals. He called the peacocks “chickens”, and the oxen were “cows” πŸ˜‰

The llamas were the first thing we saw, and I think they were probably the favorite!

Rhett kept yelling cute things like, “Hey where’s my baby llama??” and “REINDEER!!!!!”

We didn’t get pictures of the lion, tigers, or wolves, but they were pretty awesome to see too. They don’t let you feed those guys though… I guess that makes sense πŸ˜€

This bear was the BEST! Ryan and Kender threw bread into the air and he caught it in his mouth! That explains why he’s so… fluffy. Yeah, we’ll go with fluffy!

To help the boys remember the fun they had, we let them pick out little stuffed animals. Rhett picked a wolf, and Kender picked a bear. I love when they snuggle things! β™₯

One last memory/announcement to record: Rhett is going to be a big brother! Kender can show him how it’s done πŸ˜‰

Baby #3 will be joining us May 23, and we couldn’t be happier β™₯

(This is a 6 week ultrasound – that’s why baby is so tiny!)


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My Handsome Helpers

I managed to capture some cute little memories this week, and I wanted to quickly document them before we head to the park today!

Here are my ridiculously handsome boys all ready for church. This was Rhett’s first time wearing a tie. He loved it until the middle of the first hour, then he ripped it off. Still progress!


Kender is always so eager to help me with tasks and chores, and Rhett is starting to follow his example. Kender helped me cut our green beans to prep them for blanching and freezing. Rhett really wanted to help, but I don’t trust him with scissors so he got noodles instead πŸ˜€


They’ve both been helping me a lot around the house, and I love it! I love that Kender naturally loves to help, and is teaching Rhett to love helping too. I’m very blessed to have two such awesome little helpers β™₯


Rhett is at the age where even when he’s a terror, he’s just too dang cute. I’m gonna miss this!

Here are a few more photos from when we were at the property last week:

I know this picture will probably scare some people (*cough*Β MOM) πŸ˜€ but don’t worry – the excavator was totally off, and Rhett was laying uphill of it. And we were right there to grab him in case the excavator came to life and decided to start eating children.

They just love machines! And getting dirty…


Here’s the left side of our circle-ish driveway! It makes exploring the property much easier for the kids and I.


Kender helped Ryan work at the property for hours, and he loved it. He was so proud of the progress they made cleaning up the driveway, and he was so excited to show Rhett and I β™₯


I love all these boys of mine! They make my heart full.