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October General Conference Weekend 2017

LDS General Conference is a semi annual event where church leaders, including the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord, gather together and speak to the world about the gospel. Their words are always so encouraging and uplifting, and there is always a message of kindness and love.

General Conference is split into two days of two, two-hour sessions. With 8 hours total during conference weekend, it can be hard for little kids. I was pretty proud of Kender today though. He did various things like draw or play with toys, and at one point he said he was tired, so I told him he could take a little nap. Then he told me no thank you, that he wanted to watch conference so he could know Jesus. That boy makes my heart full ❤️

Rhett did pretty well too. He mostly hung out on the floor playing with his trains or snuggling Sadie and I.

As a teenager I remember loving Conference weekend because it was a break from normal church, but I also remember thinking it was SO boring. Now I look forward to it because it nourishes my soul. I cherish the precious and priceless guidance from our general authorities, and I hope my boys grow up feeling the same way.

Cousins enjoying some legos during General Conference

There were so many good talks, but my current favorite was by the Young Women General President, Bonnie L. Oscarson. You can watch/listen to it HERE.


Have Courage and Be Kind

Cinderella is one wise princess.

The world we live in today is a scary and beautiful place. More often than not, I avoid the news because it just angers and saddens me (can’t we just pretend it’s all sunshine and rainbows? No? Dang…). Today was one of those days I accidentally paid attention…

I spent most of the day in a panic over all the evil that has exploded in the world, until I finally prayed for peace. I did begin to feel some peace, but I also felt a deep sense of urgency. That now more than ever, we need to work to spread goodness. To spread kindness, love, and light. To uplift the hearts of those who are suffering, and help them find joy.

I feel like I’m fighting a war, and the only weapon I wield is my words… I’d be happy if only a single person was uplifted from reading my words.

Have Courage and Be Kind -with rose- Free Printable
Feel free to download and print this image. Personal use only please.

I think people underestimate the power of just one small act of kindness. Al Carraway recently wrote a blog post about loving others without judgement, and the impact it can have on a person. I loved what she had to say.

In her post, she writes about what it was like as a new member of the church. Tattoos cover her arms, and to church she wore a black strapless sundress because that’s all she had. No one gave her dirty looks or judged her. Instead, they welcomed her with love and kindness. I just love her words:

I am what happens when you don’t judge someone. I am what happens when you live how Christ has taught us to. I am the result of unconditional love. A saved eternal soul, like mine, is a result of putting aside your pride, assumptions, and fears. – Al Carraway

I hope that we can all try to love one another a little more, and show a little more kindness – even if all that means is giving someone the gift of a smile.

I’m gonna take a page out of Stephanie Nielson’s book and leave you with some spiritual enlightenment:

Grateful in any Circumstances by Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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Enduring life’s tantrums: Why God gives us trials

Rhett was in the worst mood this morning. At church, he threw one wicked tantrum after another, and as I wrestled him out to the car in the middle of the meeting I found myself asking, “Heavenly Father, if you want me to go to church, why do you make it so hard!?”

I strapped Rhett into his carseat. I wanted to take him home, but worried about leaving Kender. I could have found a way to leave, but I decided to stay in hopes that I would be blessed for my obedience. I drove Rhett around the block a couple times and then took him back inside.

This is Rhett’s sassy face. It’s the look he gives me when he tells me to stop taking pictures 😀

Sunday school was about how God gives us trials to refine us for his future purposes. We talked about how God may send us in one direction, only to send us in a completely different one soon after. He does it because he has a greater plan for us, and we need the experiences he gives us.

It was exactly the lesson I needed.

It reminded me of when Ryan and I were back in college in our pre-kid days. He felt strongly that we should move back home to Washington and join the Air Force, so we prayed about it and packed up our little apartment and moved back home. Soon after we arrived, Ryan felt strongly that he should wait to join the Air Force. He didn’t understand why, and was confused by the seemingly conflicting promptings, but he obeyed.

There were many times after that that we almost joined the military. Looking back, I think Heavenly Father was using that time to prepare us both for Ryan’s current job – Deputy Sheriff – which he never would have gotten if we hadn’t moved back home. He LOVES his job, and that in itself is a huge blessing. We didn’t understand it then, and many times felt hopeless and confused, but God had a plan for us all along.


I don’t understand now what good will come from enduring Rhett’s church tantrums, but I know the Lord has a plan. Maybe Kender sees me struggling, and how I choose to stay even though it’s hard. Maybe someday this experience will help him realize how much the gospel of Christ means to me, and helps strengthen his testimony. One can only hope!

Anyway, the takeaway from all of this was:

Keep enduring. Keep moving on. It will all be worth it.

Happy Sunday!

Why does God give us trials? To refine us and make us stronger. Keep enduring. Keep moving on. It will all be worth it!