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Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

Last year Kender and I harvested seeds from a sunflower he grew for the first time (read more about that here: Faith is like a Sunflower Seed). This year, we planted those seeds, grew more sunflowers, and have been harvesting more seeds. It's actually a pretty cool process! Kender really enjoys it, and I like… Continue reading Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

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Enduring life’s tantrums: Why God gives us trials

Rhett was in the worst mood this morning. At church, he threw one wicked tantrum after another, and as I wrestled him out to the car in the middle of the meeting I found myself asking, "Heavenly Father, if you want me to go to church, why do you make it so hard!?" I strapped… Continue reading Enduring life’s tantrums: Why God gives us trials