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It’s Fall!

I’ve been really excited for fall to come this year. I’m ready for the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and the holiday season. And I am super ridiculously excited for HALLOWEEN! I love the costumes, the anticipation of candy, the fun decorations, and the excitement of my sweet boys.

This year Ryan will be rocking his signature Captain America costume, I’ll be a witch, Kender will be Darth Vader, and Rhett will be Lego Batman. Kender’s costume lights up and is super cool, and Rhett’s is really just pajamas so it’s super cuddly and cute. I can’t wait to get pictures of those boys in their costumes!


Today we visited our first pumpkin patch. The actual pumpkin picking didn’t take long, but they played in the hay maze until we made them get out because I was cold (and I have a cold). We got some awesome pumpkins, and the boys had a lot of fun!


Kender and I have been struggling a little with homeschool.  He’s been getting frustrated, and it’s been making me frustrated, so I did a little research. You know what I found out? The “advanced” Kindergarten curriculum we were using was equivalent to regular 1st grade. So essentially we tried to go straight from pre-k to 1st grade. No wonder he was so frustrated! Fortunately, a new curriculum came out today to fill in the blanks between the pre-k and kindergarten curricula (we really like The Good and the Beautiful by Jenny Phillips, so that’s the curricula I’m talking about here). The timing couldn’t be better.

Kender was still learning a lot with the more advanced curriculum, but I want to make sure he has a solid reading foundation before we start more challenging things. We’re also going to use the book Teach Your Child to Read to help build that strong foundation. So far the lessons are boring for Kender, but they get more challenging as we move along so we just have to be patient and push through until we reach his level. I’m learning just as much as Kender, if not more, on this little homeschool journey we’re on. Every day we pray for happy attitudes and help with our learning!



I spend most of the day today laying in bed because this cold’s got me down, but Kender and Ryan were pretty productive! They harvested our potatoes and we got some awesomely big ones. Way to go my farm boys! ♥

This last picture is a flash back to our stay in Newport Beach. Can you tell that our boys were NOT having a good morning? I’m actually really impressed that Paul and Scott were able to get a picture this good of us with our grumps!

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Structure is good.

We are starting to settle into homeschooling and it’s going great! This year we are working on language arts (which combines reading, writing, literature, spelling, grammar & punctuation, & vocabulary), math, and science. I’d like to add geography and history too, but formal study in those subjects isn’t necessary for kindergarten and I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

It might sound like a lot, but it only takes about an hour and a half (2 hours max) a day for Kindergarten. It ends up being a lot shorter than a full day of public school, so we have a lot of freedom and flexibility in our day. I like that 🙂

Kender will also be taking some classes at the Y to keep things interesting and get all his active boy energy out. We are hoping to get signed up for rock climbing and swimming tomorrow! I’m so excited for him!

These are his favorite words to write and it makes me so happy ♥

Homeschooling takes a lot of discipline and organization. It forces us to have a routine, which has actually been really nice. Kender’s attitude varies from excited to “too tired to do anything” but I think this will be really great for both of us. I can teach him one on one and make sure he fully understands each concept. We can move fast or slow depending on his particular challenges. I’m Kender’s teacher now, but I’m learning a lot from him too. Patience, that structure is good, the benefits of being organized, the pure joy of grasping a new concept for the first time… He’s my teacher too.

I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve been able to accomplish in a day, especially being pregnant and tired all the time. I’m definitely no supermom (there are usually toys and laundry everywhere) but I think I’m doing well considering I pretty much hibernated while I was pregnant with Kender.

Learning about time & weather

I had another ultrasound this week (week 7 of my pregnancy). The doctor says everything looks good! It’s so cool to see the tiny human growing inside me!



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October General Conference Weekend 2017

LDS General Conference is a semi annual event where church leaders, including the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord, gather together and speak to the world about the gospel. Their words are always so encouraging and uplifting, and there is always a message of kindness and love.

General Conference is split into two days of two, two-hour sessions. With 8 hours total during conference weekend, it can be hard for little kids. I was pretty proud of Kender today though. He did various things like draw or play with toys, and at one point he said he was tired, so I told him he could take a little nap. Then he told me no thank you, that he wanted to watch conference so he could know Jesus. That boy makes my heart full ❤️

Rhett did pretty well too. He mostly hung out on the floor playing with his trains or snuggling Sadie and I.

As a teenager I remember loving Conference weekend because it was a break from normal church, but I also remember thinking it was SO boring. Now I look forward to it because it nourishes my soul. I cherish the precious and priceless guidance from our general authorities, and I hope my boys grow up feeling the same way.

Cousins enjoying some legos during General Conference

There were so many good talks, but my current favorite was by the Young Women General President, Bonnie L. Oscarson. You can watch/listen to it HERE.